Sunday, May 10, 2009

:: HaFiz aF7 RoCkzzZZ..!!! ::

Event : Concert AF 7 - Week 9

Venue : Stadium Putra, Bkt Jalil

Time : 9pm - 11 pm

Date : 9th Mei 2009

Special Guest : mE, HeiNa, MurNie , murnie's Fren

:: mE n mY siS - we enjoying da show!! ::

:: hEina , murniE's Fren n murniE - dey ar aKim's fans!! ::

:: illegal Shot (^_-) thanks to murnie::

:: four of dem sang da 'Lagenda Song'- really NiCE !! ::

:: shows over - last shot Gals!! (^_-) ::

p/s : A Big ThankSs!! to murniE's Fren b'cos of her we got da '' free seats " n hoping can get for da free seat for Final Show too (^_-)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

:: My eX-Covent gaL Wedd ::

Happie for the NewLy Wedd...,

Wedd Functions : Ella & Her BeLoved Husband

Time : 8.30 pm

Date : 24th April 2009

Venue : Dewan Mawar, Seksyen 7, Shah alam

speciaL Guest : mE n mY Parent

'.. A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.- wedd quote..'

::..Remember that happiness is a way of travel, not a destination..!!::.

::..Wishing heR Happie 4Ever..::

::..eLla n mE ( she's da penGawas, yg suke cr PasaL wit mE' )..::

p/s : Luckily, she still remember me..cos we haven't see each other since primary SkooL..(da was 10 years bck..)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

:: Arjan Lee & Vanida in MahSuri TeaTer ::

Hola' calling out for teater Loverz &

New musical teater is showing nw....!!

Show Name : Mahsuri TeaTer

Date : 24 - 30 April 2009

Venue : Panggung Sari, Istana Budaya

Ticket Price : 30, 70 , 100....

::..mE watching SumpHan MahSuri.. ::

da director of this teater, Siapa x kenal ' Fauziah Nawi' yg dipanggil 'Ibu' by Pelajar AF. Watak utama dlm teater nie Vanida (Mahsuri) and Arjan Lee (Mahsuri's Husband), Azizah Mahzan, Ciko, etc..

::..Korie' da CoryoGrapher.. ::

::..da director and all cast players..::

My RevieW :
  • Vanida singing ok laa... but arjan Lee, he' sing BETTER ( cos he's frm GengStarz )

  • da props cam kelam kabut sikit...but ader some scene yg sgt creative and Nice!

  • ada Byk tarian Silat but we expect more actions...

p/s : anyone who haven't watch teater be4 should try to watch least once!!

it can be addicted!!..(^_-)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

# New Template + : Bus : #

hi everyone...

Have a nice day!!..ekek..happie jer kan'..yea la in life ve to always be happie even though there's many dugaan n halangan..' Life still Need to go On' , no Matter Wut!! '

Yes' at last i change da blog template..cute x? comel x? nice x? pls comment it ky..(^_-)

ok for today is my 1st time take a bus to work, simply just wanna try something diffrent in life'
take a Bus'..i alreday bought da monthly session pass for dis month (Feb 09)..dis thing ve to buy every month, tu yg leceh i just try it n see how's da result, it's worth it x, naik bus nie ..leh save budget x? cos kira2 cam not much diffrent la..

so dis murning bg lambat cos sejuk laaa pg nie..mandi2 kambing jer..opss!..shhh'..den siap2 dlm kul 8.00am den ask my dad to send me to da pick up place, kat bus stop IOI Mall tu..arrived there at 8.10am..i ask my dad to wait for me until da bus dtg..tunggu punya tunggu..huhu bus Rapid KL '701' x muncul2 pun..quite upsad laa, cos 2dy excited nak naik bus, sampai ati bus nie tau'...

finally, around 8.45am my dad hantar la gie office..blk nnt nak tanya driver bus tu kul berapa die sampai..need to know da time schedule dat i dunt miss it next time..(^_^) ky tomorow start da new journey again..

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

^..Mix Feeling..^

' I dunnu wut to write'..dat's da 1st word i cn say..

huhu cos i'm having mix feeling now..

sad(-_-).. happie(^_^).. lonely(T_T).. enjoy(^_-).. mad(*_*).. boring(@_@).. nuthing.. empty.. ..etc..etc..

x tau laa kenape perasaan ak camni ..feeling 'unstable' ..

when come to da office ak ok'.. '..happie..' chat wit my lovely officematez'..kalu x ader kerja leh gossip2'..

feeling damn '..boring..' bila x ader project or task nk buat..

tp leh '..enjoy..' gan tgk movie, chatting, bc blog n byk lg lah..yg x leh expose' kat cni..hihi'

den balik umah feeling '..lonely..' cos kak ak selalu balik lambat, tgh mlm x ader siapa nak ak baring2 n golek2 atas katil cos ak suke lepak dlm bilik je.. parent ak selalu tgk tv kat bwh, adk ak surf internet..

bila mlm x ader siapa nak sms or chat mula la feeling '..empty' cam x ader kwn.. most of them busy gan commitment masing2..malas nak ganggu..

macam2 la perasaan ak nie...isk'..kata org jgn ikut sgt perasaan, but yea we ar human' wit feeling..

lonely & difficult..i face..

p/s:- wutever da feeling is..i just need to remember 1 thing dat, '..He..' always be there for me no matter wut..i just keep on pray n b'doa..

Thursday, January 8, 2009

.:Chupa Chup Lollipops..!! :.

salam..everyone, hope ceria2 selalu

sori again cos lambat update my wanna share some interesting happen in my luvly nite' after my cousin wedd function, me n my family lepak at my auntie house to help her kemas2 apa yg patut'..huhu' so tired dat day, can u imagin kene b'diri half of da day sambut tetamu, wearing high heels, sakit kaki tau'..but it's really enjoy juga la cos ader cousin jauh yg x kenal baru nak usah2 siapa tu..merapatkan silaturahim..ekeke ok back to da story..

after dinner at my aunti house, makan pun sempoi2 cousin bought some buger, mee goreng mamak n nasi goreng, we all makan gan telur 'pindang' famous at johore, we all eat ramai2, siap bersila kat best sgt'..

den after dat' dgr bro sound kat harith' (my lil cousin) "..harith, kak heina nak lollipop chupa chup' satu..(atcually die pun nak juga tu, saje guna nama heina)" den harith tu pun gie la ambil kat atas..tiba2..dgr my other big cousin pun minta juga n me too'..ekek harith turun, he bring da 1 big box full wit chupa chup lollipops..haa..apa lagi berebut la semua..ada 3 flavours (apple, strawberry n coca cola)..i ambil yg coca cola..just wanna try'..den kiteorg ajak my grandma join sekali..she saw us' ( me n my cousins n my uncles, anties n everybody makan lollipop nie) ..die pun nak juga'..mmm, i'm wonder boleh ker nenek nie makan, still ader gigi ke nek?..ekek wut ever pun i just give it to her, 1 lollipop strawberry...see da pic below, cam comel jer kan'..our beloved grandma n da big crazy cousin makan lollipops ramai2....adios'

grandma, cousinz n me enjoying da chupa chup lollipops' da bck pregnant mom pun gidam lollipop

p/s : nenek we all will always love u..!! muahh'..

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Reception at Hilton, PJ

The Bell rings again....

Event : Cousin Wedding of the Year 2008
Venue: Hilton , PJ

Date : 30th Dec 2008

Time : 8pm
Guest: My luvly Family, aunties, uncle n couzens...

me ( change my hair style..nice x ;)) n sis at da hotel lobby, take a picb4 event gurls!

one of the performance from thier side (' salman khan look alike n his daughters..cun tau')

kak izu dedicated a song for her bro (she's a dentis n still single'..)

sama cantik n sama padan..

my families take a pic wit salman khan look alike..die menari mmg sebijik cam salman khan'

p/s : really2 enjoy dat nite n da food also nice esp da dessert ice cream cake tuu....